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Smart Technology That Can Add Value To Your Home

smart home

Filling your home with cool and quirky gadgets is a fantastic thing to do in more ways than one. Not only can they bring further convenience and entertainment into your life, but they can also add value to your home. Potential buyers are looking for attractive extras that come with buying a new property. If your home has carefully selected technology with multiple functions, they will be more inclined to meet your selling price. They want this new property to be a fresh start with more luxury and comfort. If you’ve started looking at properties yourself, you may have also been looking at what pieces of tech are included. In a world obsessed with smartphones and the internet, it’s hardly surprising that buyers want smart tech in their homes too. So instead of adding an additional room or a pool to increase your home’s value, consider adding these pieces of tech instead.

Music systems


Music systems are a fantastic piece of technology that can slot seamlessly into your home. You can use them to fill your home with music from your playlist or from the radio. Making them ideal for family celebrations and house parties. The speakers are often installed into the walls or ceiling to reduce space. Some devices such as the Systemline multi room audio system allow you to control the music being played in each room of your home. Meaning you can set a different mood depending on the primary function of the room. Having a multi room function is ideal for families with varying music tastes. Another exciting feature that some systems have is the ability to create alarms that will wake you up each morning. You can usually connect and control these devices using your smartphone or tablet. Each music system will vary in price and quality so always read reviews and shop around before you buy. This technology will help you sell a particular lifestyle to potential buyers while also being a lot of fun to use in the meantime.

Smart Thermostat


Central heating is something that every home needs, especially in the winter. Instead of just opting for a traditional thermostat to control your heating, why not go for something a little smarter. Prospective buyers will always be impressed with a home that has a smart thermostat. Many of these devices, including the popular Hive thermostat, can be controlled using simple apps. These can be accessed via a phone, computer or tablet and are useful when on the go. Having such an easy to use system means you can effectively control when you want your home to have heat or not. If you are going on holiday or spending a few extra hours at work, you can use your phone to reschedule your heating in a few seconds. Again, read reviews and compare prices to find a smart thermostat that suits your home and requirements. They might seem like an expensive extra to add to your home. But they can save you and your potential buyers a vast amount on energy bills.

Security systems


Unfortunately, burglaries and opportunistic thieves are still considered a threat to homes. That is why home security systems are so appealing to potential buyers. Installing a smart alarm into your home will keep your belongings safe and act as a strong deterrent to thieves. Systems such as the SwannOne Advanced Smart Home Control Kit, contain alarm and video monitoring features. This allows you to protect multiple areas of your home from intruders. These systems can be connected to your phone to alert you in an alarm or sensor has been triggered. You can access your phone or tablet at any time to check your property, which is ideal when you’re at work or on holiday. Many systems will also contact the emergency services to inform them of smashed glass or an alarm. Giving you additional peace of mind. This is an attractive piece of technology that all potential homeowners would pay extra for. Look online to see what smart security systems are available and shop around until you find one that suits your budget and needs.


Whether you want to move in the next month or in a few years, adding one or all of these devices could increase your home’s value. When you buy technology such as this, don’t just think about your own needs. Remember that the buyers you are trying to appeal to might not have the same needs or interests as you. Choose universal tech that anyone can use, and you should have no problem selling your home to the highest bidder.