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Sale Guide

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Property Sale Progression Easy Steps

Let us guide you through the sale process

Step 1  Accurate valuation


Your intention should be to sell as quickly as possible for the best price possible. We work closely with national surveyors to achieve realistic valuations that attract interest and viewings.
Step 2 Choose your estate agent

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Always consider availability to conduct viewings, high street presence and what kind of marketing your property will receive as these are critical for maximum exposure and price attainment. We are available for viewings days, evenings and weekends, our branding is easily recognisable and our internet presence is second to none.
Step 3 Instructing a Solicitor


Our in-house experienced team of solicitors offer a competitive, friendly and professional service.
Step 4 Property Presentation

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First impressions really do count and can make the crucial difference to securing a sale. There is no avoiding those little DIY jobs you have avoided for years, take some time to complete these as detail matters. Masson Cairns will then come to photograph, compile floor plans and complete detailed property details to make sure your home looks the best it possibly can to potential purchasers.
Step 5 Marketing

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Obtaining maximum marketing exposure for your property is key to finding your buyer. Masson Cairns provide an unrivalled marketing package to ensure your property receives the publicity it deserves. Our expert team with years of local experience will pick out the details that appeal to buyer’s hearts as well as their heads. Further to this our comprehensive internet coverage combined with strong branding, high street presence and press advertising ensure your property is not missed by potential purchasers.
Step 6 Viewings

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Our agents are available daytime, evening and weekends to accommodate viewings ensuring any prospective purchaser can view at their convenience.
Step 7 Offer Received


As soon as an offer is received we will contact you both verbally and in writing to ensure you are aware of any special conditions contained within it and the financial status of the potential purchaser.
Step 8 Offer Agreed


Once there is agreement in principle that the offer is good to proceed we will pass it to the solicitor dealing who will take your further instructions and issue a qualified acceptance. They will keep you informed of the progression of missives (formal letters).
Step 9 Missives Concluded


Before the offer can be finalised, the solicitors on both sides must sort out any conditions of the sale (e.g. what fixtures and fittings are included). They will not exchange formal letters (called missives) until all these details are sorted out. Your solicitor will also examine the title deeds to the property on your behalf and report to you on anything of significance before missives are concluded. Once both parties are satisfied with all the terms and conditions, the missives will be signed and the offer will be finalised. This process is called concluding the missives and can take any length of time from two weeks to a few months, depending on how complicated the sale is. Once the missives are concluded, the contract (or bargain) becomes legally binding.
Step 10 Settlement


On the date of entry, the price (less the deposit if it has already been paid) will be sent by your solicitor to the seller’s solicitor. In exchange, your solicitor will receive on your behalf the disposition and all relative prior property titles, planning papers, specialist treatment papers and property enquiry