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Buying in Brief

Buying Process in Brief

Offer Procedure

Noting Interest

Surveys and Valuations

Closing Date

Offer Procedure

Contract / Missives

Conclusion of Contract / Missives


Title to Property

Key Differences (Scotland & Rest of UK)

  1. Decide to buy
  2. Appoint a Masson Cairns solicitor
  3. Start house-hunting
  4. Ask Masson Cairns to note interest in desired property
  5. Commission survey
    Survey unsatisfactory?
    Negotiation or withdrawal of offer
    (return to 3)
  6. Survey satisfactory
  7. Wait for closing date
  8. Make an offer
    Offer rejected?
    Negotiate offer or return to 3.
  9. Offer accepted
  10. Complete mortgage application
  11. Adjust terms of missives
  12. Missives concluded
  13. Conveyancing procedure
  14. Insurance and mortgage funds requested
  15. Mortgage documents signed
  16. Full price exchanged for deeds and keys
  17. Stamp duty and Registration of title deed
  18. Confirmation of title change